Frequently Asked Questions

We can migrate your data from other platforms for a set cost and it would depend on the number of data your system holds.

Please email us details of your platform & the number of matters you intend to move, so we can give you rough costs to do the migration. 

Depending on your current provider, we will advise you of the costs and the migration process. 

As a lawyer, your time is precious, so our platform helps you stay informed and organised. Hybrid Legal lets you get along with matters that are important. 

By using our platform, you would be saving around 10-13 hours a week on average. This is because you would be able to do the following:

  1. Organise your time, complete tasks that are urgent and manage your time through our interactive calendar system.
  2. Automate and send emails to your Clients. 
  3. Bill for your time. Use our automated time tracker, so it let's you calculate the time spent on a matter, phone call or email.
  4. Store documents and share access with permission levels. 

For some of our platforms, there will be a set-up fee, as we build your platform into our cloud servers and these are not refundable. 

On monthly plans, we do not tie you into a long term contract, so 1 month notice after the current month is completed or otherwise set out on the SaaS agreement.

If you have taken our annual plans, there is no refund available as this is provided at a discounted rate.

Our monthly plan is set out with both storage and non-storage with other modules available if you wish to take those up, making our pricing model very affordable for all types of firm sizes, whether you are a sole practitioner to small, medium or large enterprises. 

The costs are based on users, per month and paid in advance. You will be billed pro-rata for each additional user up to your renewal date. This applies whether you are on the monthly payment plan or the annual plan.

We offer priority support with a 24 hour guaranteed response time to paid subscribers.

You can email us at with questions about our service.

Please make sure you raise a ticket on if there is any technical issue. Our knowledge base at contains videos, tutorials and other support tools to help you use our Hybrid Legal CRM. 

We employ special measures when handling more sensitive data. Our Hybrid CRM supports Secure Sockets Layer with 128-bit or stronger encryption for connecting to the application.

Our hosting environments provide redundancy and load balancing for firewalls, intrusion prevention and other critical security elements. Hybrid CRM provides protection for denial-of-service attacks against the hosted solution.

All our customers have separate databases and application directories. We do not do any file sharing. There are internal background checks on personnel with administrative access to servers, applications and customer data.

Our helpdesk is managed via email and also on

Our Hybrid Legal CRM can be used with any modern web browser.

The system works on all desktop/laptop operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, etc.).

We support the main modern smartphone and tablet operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.), limited to a browser.

Our lead generation workflow ensures that all your enquiries made to the firm are managed and done through a set of workflows. Your team will ensure that they are following a set process all the time. 

  • Create automated emails and follow-ups with your clients.

  • Send personalised messages to your clients. 

  • Build follow-up calls and book client meetings.

  • Book consultations and manage your diary. 

  • Send out automated reminders and confirmations. 


We manage and monitor all our platform applications. As administrators, you can see all logins to the system through activity management.

The general types of events that are logged are user-based activities (adding, modifying, exporting, deleting, logging in and out, importing, modifying statuses) in all modules of the platform.


We are optimists who love to work together.

Getting started with us is simple. Start a free trial, experience how our platform can help your business grow and if you wish to subscribe, we love to have you on-board. We dont believe in hard-sales call, so you can call our team on 0207 237 3388 or email us at

Our team is to help your business grow, subscribe to the right services with us, as we love building relationship with our customers. 

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