Hybrid Legal

We are now in a world of innovative developing technology, that constantly requires us to keep updated. It is our disruptive competitiveness that leads to enhancing your business.

Hybrid Legal is to lead a new generation into building sustainable technologies that are compatible with other platforms. Hybrid brings it all together.

Our vision is to create a one-stop solution, easy integrations, and sensible pricing, whether you are a small business to larger business enterprises.

Building a sustainable
growth for your business through our CRM platform

Our platform is customer centric, putting you and your customers at heart in our product development. Our Hybrid Legal is used by a number of firms and this application really makes a difference to their business. 

  • Matter management. You will be able to stay organised, complete important steps using our case management workflow and deal with matters in time, always. 
  • Email management. Able to add all the email accounts into our Hybrid Legal platform and access emails & import emails into the matter itself. 
  • Documents. Able to send pre-defined documents list for matters. You will be able to edit, store, and organise your legal documents securely and directly in the matter file. 
  • Legal billings. Whether your charging your clients on fixed costs, hourly, or completing public funding work, you will be able to create financial bills easily. 
  • Reporting tools to view live data. 
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Improving customer relationships

By taking our trial access, we want to make you feel comfortable with our Hybrid Legal. We provide one-to-one or grouped training webinars, showing you our platforms as well as new changes and features.

We regularly update our knowledge centre, which you can access by clicking here. 

Our product team are here to help you get the best out of our Hybrid Legal. So dont worry, if you are new to using platforms or if you have other CRM's, we are sure we can get you moving. 

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Important features on our product solutions



We know that emails are the every-day communication methods and we have an interactive dashboard, which allows you to add multiple email accounts into your Hybrid Legal platform.

By doing so, all emails can be managed and filtered into the matters. We let you add any mail account types, so making sure that it integrates to all mail accounts. 

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Client workflows

Our client worflows helps you manage all your matters through a system of process, by using our interactive automation tools. Lets you spend time that really matters and move away from tasks that can be done through automations. 

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Documents list & storage

You will be able to build your documents list, so your colleagues can with a click of a button send request of evidences for a legal matter.

Both you & your client would be able to add, edit and store documents. 

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Task & calendars

You will be able to create tasks in date & priority orders, along with date in events related to your legal matter. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprses, you can set tasks to other team members as well as managing the workflows.

In legal, times & dates are crucial, so its important that you dont miss important dates. 

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Integrations to other platforms

We can integrate our platforms to almost all applications unless there are system restrictions. If you would like to discuss this further, speak to our team. 

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Reporting tools
helping you to make informed decisions

  • Interactive dashboards

    This helps you and your management team to understand day to day operations.

  • Reporting tools

    Our platform lets you run management reports for data analysis. 

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24/7 Online Customer Support

We know our customers sometimes need our help and we are available 24/7. 

  • To get the fastest response, is to raise a support ticket by clicking here.
  • Our ticketing system gets filtered into the right person, so your issue is resolved qucikly.

Our platforms are built in strong, coded framework and we conduct checks prior to any system outages. Where there is any system outages, we update our Support Centre which you can visit by clicking on this link - https://support.techics.com

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Please email us on info@techics.com if you dont receive your trial within 3 days. Dont worry, we wont be sending you any automated emails or calls. 

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